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Toronto could get a lot cleaner in the next two weeks

Toronto is not known for being the tidiest city right, just take a look at any local garbage can and you'll know why.

But as one of the first moves since his re-election, Mayor John Tory has announced multiple clean-up blitzes that could leave our city in ship shape.

Immediate clean-up tasks including graffiti removal in public and private property and blitzes of public litter bins, construction zones, clothing drop zones, problem potholes and a general "area state of good repair audit."

These blitzes will take place over the next few weeks and are just the first steps in what the mayor is claiming is an "ongoing efforts to address the cleanliness of the city and nuts and bolts of frontline service."

Perhaps one of the biggest problems in the city are the over-stuffed and stinky garbage receptacles, which the city has admitted are actually a big problem.

The bins are managed by Astral Out-of-home and more often than not broken and under-serviced. 

Four months ago a motion was introduced at city council to investigate the state of the 10,000+ bins, while Tory admitted he sometimes avoids using the bins because of their disgusting state.

Take a look at social media and you won't be pressed to find photos or complaints about Toronto's garbage problem.

"All of these initiatives are meant to help clean up our city streets and public spaces. This is just the beginning but it is an important start and I hope it sends a message across our public service that a clean Toronto is an absolute priority," said Tory, in a release.

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