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There's a new Facebook group to find your items lost on the TTC

If you've lost a pair of headphones, your wallet or an expensive umbrella on the subway, there's a new option for you to reunite with your goods.

A new lost and found TTC Facebook page has been created in the last couple days of because (let's face it) if we can't rely on the TTC to get us to work on time, how will they ever manage our missing items?

"A group for people to post lost articles they found on the TTC, or to search for your own lost item if someone posted," reads the intro to the group's about page.

Of course, the TTC has their own lost and found department but, as the group pages indicates, more often than not it's easier to find your items when they have been posted online.

The Facebook group can also be accessed 24/7, while the lost articles office from the TTC can only be accessed at Bay station from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, which is not very accessible for many in the city.

I’m betting this group probably does a better job of holding on to lost items as well, seeing as the TTC only holds items 60 days (or 30 for bikes!) before sending all unclaimed articles to Police Auctions Canada.

Speaking of Police Auctions Canada, did you know that the sell items collected from not only the TTC but over 20 police services, some universities and Brampton transit as well?

They have a bunch of random stuff, potentially left on an empty streetcar, like rusty bolt cutters, Rob Zombie records and assorted large panties from La Senza.

So if you've lost anything recently, it's probably best to check the group and the TTC office as well - before it gets sold!

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