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People don't want to visit popular Toronto park anymore because of off-leash dogs

Sorauren Park was the centre of some controversy this past week, after multiple residents in the area claimed that the off-leash dog situation was out of control.

The multi-use park is located in the Roncesvalles/Parkdale neighbourhood, and is well loved for its community events, mini soccer fields, tennis courts, and baseball diamond. 

According to the Sorauren Park website, the dog park was completed in 2010 and "is the home for off-leash dogs, in a fenced area with specifically designed ground cover." 

While the park's website states that "outside the fenced dog park, all dogs must be on a leash," one Facebook user alleged that they saw as many as ten off-leash dogs outside the designated dog park. 

"10 off-leash dogs in one photo," the post reads. "The off-leash area is only 30 feet away. My toddler doesn't want to go to Sorauren Park because they run up and have jumped on him." 

Several other individuals repeated the sentiments of the original post, claiming that they've repeatedly called 311 in hopes of resolving the issue. 

"I'm a dog owner, frequently at SP [Sorauren Park], and I agree with you 100 per cent. City should do something about it," one person wrote. 

Another person said, "every time I go to Sorauren Park, there are AT LEAST six off-leash dogs, I call 311 often." 

One person was interested in why dog-owners avoid the designated dog park, writing, "I think the most important question here is why is the off-leash dog park area failing owners? Why do they abstain from using it?" 

Another person called the situation an "accessibility issue," f0r a family member, writing that "off-leash dogs interfere with his ability to use the park." 

Sorauren Park is listed on the City of Toronto's website as location with a dogs off-leash area, which is both fenced and allows commercial dog walkers. 

According to the city, dogs are to remain leashed in other areas of the park, or owners will be subject to a fine of $365. You can report a dog off-leash by calling 311. 

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