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Toronto neighbours collaborate on epic monster home for Halloween

A house in Toronto’s east end has seemingly come alive, transforming into a terrifying monster just in time for Halloween.

Jagged jaws grow out of the porch, with a blood-red tongue curling across the front lawn and skeletons stuck between the fangs. A pair of beady eyes rests on the roof, peering out over the neighbourhood.

Located on Badgerow Avenue in Leslieville, homeowner Brian Astl told blogTO the spooky decorations were inspired by the evil sentient home from "Monster House."

A collaboration between Astl, his next door neighbour, and their families, the elaborate decor is the result of a few "overactive imaginations and some serious excitement about Halloween."

The neighbours started planning the monster house in September and got to work come October. The teeth were painted onto pieces of thin plywood by the kids, and the cascading tongue and blackout drapes came courtesy of a fabric shop. The eyes were purchased at a Halloween store and strapped to the roof.

The monster house is far from the homeowners’ first foray into large-scale Halloween decorations.

Last year the neighbours collaborated on a zombie hospital scene, complete with a moving skeleton and talking skull. Another year they chose a haunted "under the sea" theme, with the kids re-writing the lyrics to the namesake song from "The Little Mermaid" to match the spooky mood.

The response to this year’s haunted house has been great, Astl said, with strangers stopping in the street to admire the nightmare-inducing setup.

"We live in a fantastic neighbourhood where we all know each other, and everyone is supportive as well," Astl said. 

"Kids from the neighbourhood will hang out and play with some of the decorations, which ultimately is what it’s all about."

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