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Here are the full results from the Toronto municipal election

The results of the Toronto municipal election are now in after some extremely close races between councillor candidates yesterday and a record-low voter turnout of around just 29 per cent.

Polling hours were extended past 8 p.m. in some wards, with many incumbents re-elected to represent their neighbourhoods once more.

Here are the results for each city ward, plus who won the mayoral race, in Toronto's 2022 municipal election:

Mayoral race

Mayor John Tory is back for another four-year term, his third in a row, beating out his main competitor, urbanist Gil Penalosa, with 62 per cent of the vote (versus Penalosa's 18 per cent).

The latter mayoral hopeful had some pretty wild ideas, from a 100 km "Green Loop" trail around the entire city that marked, as he said, "the most ambitious urban green space project on the continent," a ton of bus lanes, major prioritization pedestrians and cyclists, and turning Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport into a public park, a proposal his team later went back on.

With the exception of Chloe-Marie Brown, who secured 6.3 per cent of votes, the remainder of the 31 candidates received less than two per cent of votes each.

toronto election

Ward 1 – Etobicoke North

After losing the councillor seat to Premier Doug Ford's nephew Michael Ford in 2018, Vincent Chrisanti has won his ward, with 41.07 per cent of the vote.

Ford gave up the position earlier this year after becoming MPP for York-South Weston in the provincial election in June.

toronto election

Ward 2 – Etobicoke Centre

Incumbent Stephen Holyday is back with a whopping 72.28 per cent of the votes in his ward this election after he won in a far tighter race against John Campbell in 2018.

toronto election

Ward 3 – Etobicoke-Lakeshore

In what some would call a huge surprise, Amber Morley beat out previous councillor Mark Grimes after coming second to him last time around.

This year, Morley was elected by 46.44 per cent of voters, compared with Grimes's portion of 40.32 per cent.

toronto electionWard 4 – Parkdale-High Park

Incumbent Gord Perks takes on another stint as councillor for a ward he has long represented, though the running was much closer this year, with candidate Chemi Lhamo securing 31.6 per cent of votes against Perks's 35.5 per cent.

toronto electioWard 5 – York South-Weston

Incumbent Frances Nunziata, after stiff competition from Frank Di Giorgio in 2018, returns by a tiny margin, with 41.61 per cent of votes. Hot on her heels was Chiara Padovani, with just 94 fewer votes, or 47.16 per cent.

toronto electionWard 6 – York Centre

Incumbent James Pasternak said he was "truly humbled and honoured" to once again represent his ward after taking it by a landslide with 73.53 per cent of votes.

toronto electionWard 7 – Humber River-Black Creek

After winning against Giorgio Mammoliti in 2018, incumbent Anthony Perruzza retains the title of councillor, with 61.3 per cent of votes against Mammo's son's 22.63 per cent.

toronto electionWard 8 – Eglinton-Lawrence

Incumbent Mike Colle garnered an entire 70.31 per cent of votes this year.

His son, Josh Colle, held the same position before quitting politics before the last municipal election.

toronto electionWard 9 – Davenport

In what was a blow to many, Ana Bailao decided not to seek re-election after 12 years serving in her role as councillor. Alejandra Bravo is the new representative for Davenport after last night, with 70.72 per cent of votes.

Ward 10 – Spadina-Fort York

Former Public School Board Trustee Ausma Malik has been elected as councillor for this bustling downtown ward, beating out April Engelberg — who had the novel idea of building a pedestrian bridge to the Toronto Islands — with 36.55 per cent of votes.

Malik has a progressive platform, and is a champion for affordable housing, accessible childcare, green initiatives and more.

toronto electioWard 11 – University-Rosedale

Dianne Saxe narrowly took her seat as councillor with 35.37 per cent of votes, compared with 34.87 per cent for Toronto Catholic District School Board trustee Norm Di Pasquale — only a 120 vote difference.

Saxe previously served as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.

toronto electionWard 12 – Toronto-St. Paul’s

Incumbent Josh Matlow took his ward in what is the largest majority seen in some time, with a staggering 84.65 per cent of votes, more than 11 times that of his closest runner-up.

Matlow vows to take a "more thoughtful, creative, and responsible approach" to policy issues and co-directed an environmental NGO before moving into politics, where he started as a Toronto District School Board trustee.

toronto election

Ward 13 – Toronto Centre

Chris Moise, who was also once a school trustee, received 48.48 per cent of votes after the previous councillor for the ward, Kristyn Wong-Tam, stepped down as MPP for Toronto-Centre, a seat she ended up winning.

Wong-Tam has expressed support for Moise, who is, like the former councillor, also all about equity and social justice.

toronto electionWard 14 – Toronto-Danforth

No surprises here as incumbent Paula Fletcher, a proponent of road safety, affordable housing and combating the climate crisis, secured 74.02 per cent of votes.

toronto electionWard 15 – Don Valley West

Incumbent Jaye Robinson is back with the vast majority — 74.22 per cent — of votes.

Robinson also chairs the TTC, and is a believer of "transparency, open discussion and evidence-based decision making."

toronto electionWard 16 – Don Valley East

Former Toronto Police Service officer Jon Burnside, who lost Ward 15 to Robinson in 2018, took this ward with strong support from Mayor John Tory and 44.68 per cent of the vote.

toronto electionWard 17 – Don Valley North

Incumbent Shelley Carroll, who also served as a school board trustee and councillor representing Don Valley East in previous years, secured 71.79 per cent of the vote.

Like many councillors, Carroll is all about affordable housing, reliable transit, combating traffic and more.

Ward 18 – Willowdale

Lily Cheng beat out Markus O’Brien Fehr, who had a valuable endorsement from Tory, with 41.72 of votes compared to his 33.58 per cent.

She calls herself a passionate community organizer with a vision "that embraces all members of our community." 

toronto election

Ward 19 – Beaches-East York

Urban planner Brad Bradford was re-elected in this ward, with 54.71 per cent of votes. He hopes to continue to tackle affordable housing, food insecurity, climate change, the condition of parks and traffic congestion.

Ward 20 – Scarborough Southwest

Incumbent Gary Crawford amassed 35.07 per cent of votes, narrowly beating out teacher and School Board Trustee Parthi Kandavel.

toronto electionWard 21 – Scarborough Centre

Though Michael Thompson was the incumbent in this race, his seat as councillor was up in the air as he faces two charges of sexual assault, which prompted him to step down from his positions as deputy mayor and chair of Toronto's Economic and Community Development Committee.

He somehow still ended up securing 55.25 per cent of votes, versus just 13.72 per cent for runner-up Muhammad Ayub.

Ward 22 – Scarborough-Agincourt

Incumbent Nick Mantas wins in this ward that was once represented by the city's most famous councillor, 6ix dad Norm Kelly.

With 48.89 per cent of votes, Mantas has a background as policy advisor and civil servant in the city and in Ottawa.

toronto electionWard 23 – Scarborough North

After last week's unexpected death of previous councillor Cynthia Lai, who was indeed seeking re-election, Jamaal Myers won in this ward with 51.09 per cent of votes.

Myers is one of the youngest members of council at 39, and has a strong background in law.

toronto electionWard 24 – Scarborough-Guildwood

Another no-surprise victory for incumbent Paul Ainslie, with 76.52 per cent of votes.

Ainslie has more than two decades of political experience and is passionate about seniors' housing, accessible services, libraries, the innovative use of tech at the city level, and more.

toronto electionWard 25 – Scarborough-Rouge Park

Another incumbent, Jennifer McKelvie, won with 72.28 per cent of votes. The environmental scientist just narrowly took the ward for the first time in 2018, and is adamant about better transit and protecting the environment.

toronto election

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