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The full results from the Toronto municipal election

The Toronto election results are now in. The 2018 municipal election is over, and with it comes a brand new 25-seat council, down from 47 thanks to the province's controversial cuts. 

Here are the results for every ward, plus the winner of the shiny mayor's seat, in Toronto's 2018 municipal election.

Mayoral Race

It seems this time the polls were right, as John Tory was able to hang on to his mayoral seat. He defeated Jennifer Keesmaat, who ran a fierce campaign against her old boss. 

toronto election results

Tory beat Keesmaat in every single Toronto ward.

Tory took about 63 per cent of the vote, while Keesmaat took a fair 23 per cent. The two had battled passionately throughout the campaign, but the incumbency of Tory remained as he dusts off his old seat. toronto election results

Ward 1 – Etobicoke North

This race has probably made incumbent Vincent Crisanti a little bitter. He is a loyal Doug Ford ally, losing his post as deputy mayor after backing the Premier's mayoral campaign, and he lost the race last night to Ford's nephew, Michael Ford. toronto election results

Ward 2 – Etobicoke Centre

One of the many wards with two incumbents facing off, this race went to fiscal conservative Stephen Holyday over colleague John Campbell. toronto election results

Ward 3 – Etobicoke-Lakeshore

It seems corruption investigations and union-busting allegations can't keep Mark Grimes down, as voters in this ward decided to hand him another term, turning away challengers Pamela Gough and Amber Morley.toronto election results

Ward 4 – Parkdale-High Park

No surprises here as Gord Perks resumes his seat in a ward that has long favoured him. Those who watch closely did not see this race going any other way.toronto election results

Ward 5 – York-South Weston

This was a close race―and one to watch. Incumbents Frances Nunziata and Frank Di Giorgio were head-to-head in the polls, followed very closely by progressive challenger Chiara Padovani. Ol' Nunzie took this one, so you'll be seeing her as council's no-nonsense speaker for another term.toronto election results

Ward 6 – York Centre

With another incumbent versus incumbent race in this ward, it was one where someone had to pack up their city hall office. The person packing this time is Maria Augimeri, who was narrowly defeated by James Pasternak.toronto election results

Ward 7 – Humber River-Black Creek

Probably one of the most exciting races to watch, a four-way battle between Giorgio Mammoliti, Anthony Perruzza, Tiffany Ford, and Deanne Sgro saw Perruzza take it home. This means, however, that Mammo is finally off council (a celebration for many).toronto election results

Ward 8 – Eglinton-Lawrence

Josh Colle, the previous incumbent in this ward, quit politics recently. His father, Mike Colle, easily defeated second incumbent Christin Carmichael Greb and lawyer Dyanoosh Youssefi. toronto election results

Ward 9 – Davenport

It was an easy and breezy win for Ana Bailao after her former colleague, Cesar Palacio, dropped out of the race. Taking home the largest share of any ward, Bailao won with a whopping 83 per cent. toronto election results

Ward 10 – Spadina-Fort York

Joe Cressy, long-time city council fave, was able to easily carry his ward to another term. He unsurprisingly defeated Al Carbone, the man who created the giant ice sculpture middle finger to protest the King Street pilot.toronto election results

Ward 11 – University-Rosedale

Another unsurprising result in this ward as Mike Layton won his third term on council. His landslide victory saw a 70 per cent share of the votes, leaving opponents in the dust.toronto election results

Ward 12 – Toronto-St. Paul’s 

Many considered this the race to watch, as two titans on city hall, Joe Mihevc and Josh Matlow, went head to head. At the close, Matlow was able to pull ahead and secure his spot, leaving long-time councillor Mihevc behind.toronto election results

Ward 13 – Toronto Centre

One of the least surprising results took place in this downtown ward, where Kristyn Wong-Tam easily defeated challenger George Smitherman and incumbent Lucy Troisi. toronto election results

Ward 14 – Toronto-Danforth

A heartbreaking race for many, this ward saw long-time friends and council faves Paula Fletcher and Mary Fragedakis struggle to campaign against each other. In the end, Fletcher took the seat, continuing her 15-year run on council for another term.toronto election results

Ward 15 – Don Valley West 

Another of the races with two incumbents, this one went to Jaye Robinson. She's been on council since 2014, and swept into victory over her former colleague, Jon Burnside.toronto election results

Ward 16 – Don Valley East 

Denzil Minnan-Wong returned to this race after a failed bid as MPP in the provincial election. He took this council seat with an easy 46 per cent of the vote. toronto election results

Ward 17 – Don Valley North

This race saw former city councillor Shelley Carroll jump back in to municipal politics after an unsuccessful run for Liberal MPP. She coasted back into her old seat last night.toronto election results

Ward 18 – Willowdale

Incumbent John Filion backed out of this race and endorsed Lily Cheng, but jumped back in and defeated her once the council cuts by Doug Ford were announced. This will continue his long career on council, being elected first in 1991.toronto election results

Ward 19 – Beaches-East York

Two incumbents, Janet Davis and Mary Margaret-McMahon, stepped down to leave this as an open race. Facing off against Matthew Kellway, a former NDP MP, Brad Bradford used his mayoral endorsement to take home the win.toronto election results

Ward 20 – Scarborough Southwest

The race in this ward was an absolute nail-biter. Gary Crawford and Michelle Holland-Berardinetti were elected at the same time eight years ago, and faced off against each other this time. It came down to less than one per cent of the vote, but Crawford was able to cinch a victory.toronto election results

Ward 21 – Scarborough Centre

Quickly grabbing a fifth term in this ward is Michael Thompson, who easily won after fellow councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker pulled out of the race. toronto election results

Ward 22 – Scarborough-Agincourt

This race was one to watch, as incumbent Jim Karygiannis took on 6ix Dad and Toronto's most famous councillor, Norm Kelly. In the end, Karygiannis took the seat. toronto election results

Ward 23 – Scarborough North

In this open race with no incumbent, several names battled it out. The victor was Cynthia Lai, a community activist, who narrowly defeated her group of challengers. toronto election results

Ward 24 – Scarborough-Guildwood

Paul Ainslie, the incumbent, swept back into his seat with an easy victory over his opponents. toronto election results

Ward 25 – Scarborough-Rouge Park 

This race is one of only four with a new face. Jennifer McKelvie, an environmental scientist, narrowly defeated incumbent Neethan Shan by only 154 votes, taking home this Scarborough ward. toronto election resultsFor full results on every race, including school trustees and more, visit the Toronto Elections website.

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