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Someone says they received enough voter cards to vote 4 times in the Toronto election

With the municipal election just around the corner, you're probably waiting in on your voter card to come in the mail. Although most of us anticipate only receiving only one voter card, one Toronto woman was shocked to discover that she received four. 

Lori Pollard told blogTO that she even though she registered for mail-in voting, she still received a voting card in her name, her former married name, and one for her adult autistic son, for whom she is a "substitute decision maker." 

Pollard said this has never happened to her before, and she hasn't used her former married name for 20 years. She explained that for every election at every level, she has been registered in her maiden name. 

"No idea how they even have my married name on file, as there's been at least five municipal elections with me reverted to my maiden name," Pollard told blogTO. "Also, my eldest son and youngest son, who both moved out years ago, changed their licences, health cards, etc. to reflect their new addresses, also received voter cards for our riding." 

A media representative for the City of Toronto told blogTO that voters may receive multiple Voter Information Cards for varying reasons. 

All Ontario municipal clerks receive the voters' list from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). 

Voters may receive extra cards if the duplicate entry from MPAC was not caught due to a combination of data discrepancies, or if the voter could not find themselves on the MyVote application and submitted an application to add themselves online or by phone. 

If you happen to receive multiple voter cards, it doesn't mean that you'll get to vote more than once in the upcoming election

The city's media representative confirmed to blogTO that voters are only allowed to vote once, even if they received duplicate Voter Information Cards. 

If a voter receives more than one card, they are advised to take the one that matches their identification to the voting station. 

As for the duplicate card(s), you can either dispose of it, write "Duplicate - Return to Sender" on the card and drop it off at any Canada Post mailbox, let an election official know the card is a duplicate, or call the Toronto Elections Call Centre. 

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