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Toronto squirrel rescued from oven was actually pregnant with two babies

Stories about Toronto wildlife often end in tragedy, usually because of the careless actions of humans, but every once in a while an uplifting tale of a wild animal getting a second chance at life comes around to warm our hearts. 

Fortunately, the Toronto Wildlife Centre shared one such story Thursday afternoon. 

In a video posted to Twitter, TWC shared the story of an eastern grey squirrel who recently got caught in a wood burning oven. Rescue teams were able to rescue the creature, though her tail was severely injured. 

Wildlife experts were then forced to surgically remove the injured part of her tail, and thankfully the procedure was successful. 

Later, while the squirrel was recovering, it became clear that rescuers didn't just save the adult squirrel from the oven — they also saved her two unborn babies. 

The new mama gave birth to the two babies while recovering at the TWC, and the family of three is currently living at the centre. 

"The little ones have started exploring outside of their den," TWC wrote on Twitter, "and their mother is never far behind."

Who doesn't love a happy ending?

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Toronto Wildlife Centre

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