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People in Toronto can expect more potholes as city puts off planned repaving projects

Summer may be the season of never-ending construction and roadwork in Toronto, but the city is apparently putting off a ton of major projects that will impact the quality of some key infrastructure.

Approximately $42 million in paving work slated for the city's streets has been deferred to next year, according to documents obtained by the CBC today, which amounts to about 20 per cent of the repaving work that was supposed to be done this year when looking at dollars and cents spent.

While deciding last month which contractor would complete the work, the city pulled out, telling the news outlet that it needed to provide "clearer direction" to the companies involved and would instead be moving the whole contract-awarding process to the fall.

This means that the work, which spans across the city's bounds, will not take place now in the middle of peak construction time, but will begin sometime next year. Drivers and cyclists can probably expect a bumpier ride as roadways will be in less than tip-top shape until it takes place.

Spring is usually the worst time for potholes and other such issues as the snow and ice thaws, and given this news, road users will surely find that street conditions will be even worse than other years from March to June of 2023.

Let's hope the city ramps up its annual pothole blitzes during that time.

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