toronto bike lane construction

A Toronto bike lane vanished during construction and hasn't been replaced

The case of the vanishing bike lane. Sounds like a book title, right?

Well unfortunately, that's just the reality of Toronto construction.

Spotted on Twitter via @poissonish, the northbound bike lane outside a portion of Bayview Avenue was not reinstalled after the sidewalk was replaced early last week. 

The concrete blocks designed to physically mark the bike lane are nowhere to be seen.

And in true Toronto fashion, cars are now parked where bikers were once able to pass through safely, or, sort of safely.

"Last week the entire sidewalk was replaced but the contractor didn’t reinstall the protect bike lane so everyone is just parking in the original parking spots," reads the thread.

The original poster said they saw a family biking along this stretch of road when they were forced into oncoming traffic.

Thankfully, 311 Toronto responded to the thread and indicated the message had been forwarded to transpiration for investigation, though it appears their "investigation" has amounted to a big pile of nothing. 

As of five hours ago, the bike lane is still non-existent. Apparently, according to City Councillor Buxton Potts, the estimated fix time is nine whole months . 

This is a PSA: Try to avoid biking near 170 Bayview Avenue if possible.

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