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Someone wants to fix one of Toronto's most notoriously overcrowded bus routes

Toronto (unfortunately) has a bunch of very jam-packed bus lines, but what would you consider the absolute worst?

If you immediately thought of the 29 Dufferin route, you're not alone. And one person has a grand idea to fix it.

Ward 9 city councillor candidate Shaker Jamal thinks a speciality bus-only lane would work to reduce congestion and help get people moving. 

"Like so many of you in #DavenportTO, I’ve waited 20+ mins for the 29 Dufferin bus, and watched it pass by completely full. We've got to do better," he recently Tweeted, while announcing his idea.

"My plan? Create a bus-only lane during rush hour on Dufferin to improve speed and reliability."

He also wants to extend dedicated bike lanes by 100km "and champion more North-South lanes, including on Dufferin."

A thorough look at Jamal's candidate webpage shows that he establishes his campaign on his experience in the Davenport area and on what he believes needs immediate attention.

"I've felt the pressure of an unstable rental market and skyrocketing housing prices. I've held on for dear life commuting on my bike down Sufferin’ Dufferin. I've seen beloved local haunts close up to reopen as sterile, identical weed stores. I've seen how our neighbourhood has changed, and I know it can change for the better,"  reads his campaign website.

Jamal is a union representative for the United Steelworkers since 2015, a former urban fellow and worked at Public Health Ontario.

According to the city; The Jane, Steeles, Dufferin, Finch East and Eglinton East routes were identified as Toronto's most used routes and are going through consultation to determine the effectiveness of bus-only routes.

Eglinton East is the only bus route out of the five to have any progress made, with dedicated lanes from Brimley Road to U of T created in 2020.

But it seems little has been done to the Dufferin bus, with the city's website listing it as "to be determined."

"As your councillor, transit reliability will be an important priority for me," said Jamal.

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