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Toronto's newest ServiceOntario location might be the best one yet

There is nothing, absolutely nothing like a quick and easy trip through a ServiceOntario location.

No waiting (or very limited waiting), helpful clerks and a timely renewed licence is a big ask nowadays, especially given the lag over the last two years.

And it seems Toronto's newest location is delivering all of these highly-desired qualities.

Freshly opened this past July, the ServiceOntario at 1811 Danforth Avenue (midway between Woodbine and Coxwell) has amazing reviews on Google and has racked up even more compliments on multiple local Facebook groups.

"By far the best ServiceOntario I have even been to. The people working here are helpful, efficient, and engaging. There was barely anyone here, because they are so quick. Took 5 mins to renew my license, take a photo, sign all my documents, even had a nice quick chat, and leave. What a wonderful experience, This is how all ServiceOntario should be like," reads one very complimentary review.

Since impressing Danforth East residents over the last two months, this location is currently sitting at a 4.8 star rating on Google.

Eighteen reviews have been registered to the location, all with five stars except one, that gave a measly one star.

I'm assuming this review was given when the location first opened and has since cleaned up their act.

"Super friendly, efficient and helpful. A completely different experience than some Service Ontarios I've been to. And the lady who helped me with the beautiful smile, was absolutely a delight," reads another.

But, please, before you send me an angry email talking about how I've essentially ruined this location, I'm well aware of these circumstances.

Now go forth and get your licence renewed, thanks to blogTO.

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Shannon Cherry

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