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The salmon run has returned to Toronto rivers and here's how to see them jump

Toronto's annual salmon run is on, and there are plenty of spots you can take in the natural wonder of fish leaping their way upstream in waterways around the city this fall.

Every year from as soon as early September to as late as November, Chinook Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, and Coho Salmon voyage upstream from Lake Ontario to lay their eggs in shallow water.

It varies from year to year, but the salmon run occurs in the window of fall, where temperatures sit between highs of 18 C and lows of 3 C.

With the temperature steadily dropping, migrating salmon are starting to pop up in rivers and streams all over the city, and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is making it very easy to plan out an opportunity to witness this natural event.

The TRCA announced on Wednesday that the annual migration has begun, launching the salmon run season with an event planned at Morningside Park on Oct. 2.

Every year, the TRCA maintains a map of salmon sightings that form hotspots around points like Etienne Brulé Park and the Old Mill Bridge on the Humber River, the Highland Creek valley, and the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area near DVP and Eglinton.

There was even a single sighting of a salmon splashing around the murky Keating Channel last October.

In an example of nature being extremely metal, the salmon fight their way upstream and lay their eggs with their final ounces of strength, only to die once their mission is complete.

So enjoy the show of them jumping over dams and weirs, because it's probably the last time they'll be seen alive.

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Nicoli OZ Mathews

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