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People are hating the way the TTC communicates temporary route changes

Temporary TTC route changes are just that: temporary. Despite this fact, it's still extremely important that the TTC communicates up-to-date information about route changes effectively in the moment, so people aren't left hanging.

In our construction-plagued city, riders are feeling like the TTC is doing an especially poor job of keeping us informed lately.

Frequently on routes undergoing construction, or those with lots of changes, you'll see bus stops with multiple temporary route change notices plastered around them, and you barely know which one to look at. People have been noticing this phenomeon recently, on the College streetcar route.

Next, transit riders have been having issues with the 63 bus that runs along Ossington, saying it was difficult to find service notices online and that there were a ton of notices saying buses are taking alternate routes.

People also noted there was a lack of info about temporary stops on these routes.

The TTC advised what the temporary stops would be via a Twitter reply, saying they'd pass on the feedback (which won't be super helpful for people waiting on that route, like, right now).

Someone else complained about service help being confusing online, saying when they went looking for streetcar info the first advisory they found was something from two years ago.

People replied to this issue on Twitter saying that they were worried if our transit system is difficult to navigate for locals, it can't be too appealing to out-of-towners.

Whatever you do, whether you're from here or not, please just be advised that you're not supposed to take these notices home?

Leave them up for everyone to read, no matter how confusing they are.

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