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Toronto cannabis store locked out by landlord within months of opening

Cannabis stores keep shutting down in Toronto, and one of the latest seems to have been locked out by the landlord within a few months of opening.

Lovebud Cannabis at 350 Broadview now has for lease signs up on its facade, and notices are posted saying the landlord had locked them out last month.

It appears the store had opened in the spring by the looks of their Instagram account, which has one post from March saying they would be "coming soon" and another from May advertising a weed strain.

That would make the dispensary open for a potential record few months.

lovebud cannabis toronto

Notice posted at Lovebud Cannabis dated August 22. Photo by blogTO.

A notice dated August 22 says the store was in default of rent payment in the amount of $7,740.50, due August 15, and that the matter would need to be rectified by August 23 at noon. The notice also says a $500 admin fee would be added for a total payment of $8,240.50.

It says the landlord could also terminate the lease, and sue for rent and damages.

lovebud cannabis toronto

Notice posted at Lovebud, dated August 24. Photo by blogTO.

Another notice dated August 24 says the premises had been repossessed effective immediately. Entry would now need to be permitted by the landlord with written consent.

It appears another weed store has bitten the dust, but with the city facing tons of oversaturation these kinds of closures are becoming less and less surprising.

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