toronto outage stuck elevators

People are trapped in elevators all over Toronto due to the power outage

If you're trapped in a Toronto elevator you may not be able to read this.

Power outages are annoying as hell but they can also be pretty scary. Just ask the handfuls of people trapped in tiny little elevators across downtown right now. 

Toronto Fire Services confirmed they are currently responding to a number of calls for help from people stuck in the small silver boxes.

These unlucky individuals hopped in the elevator immediately before the power outage knocked electricity out of the downtown core - trapping them for some time.

This includes the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser who came to Toronto just for the day.

"Came to town for the day - hopped in an elevator just before the power went out. Still in here. Terrible timing," he said in response to someone complaining about the city's current conditions.

In case you missed it (and aren't downtown) there is virtually zero power in the downtown area of the city; with streetcars, traffic lights, stores and malls all impacted.

Toronto Hydro's outage maps show pockets of the city including Yonge and Dundas, Cabbage Town, Regent Park and the Distillery District all in the dark.

There has yet to be a timeline for when electricity will return.

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Sean Fraser

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