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Toronto falls in love with British duo moving to and exploring the city for the first time

Do you remember the first time you ever went to Dollarama? How about the feeling when you first saw the CN tower?

If you want to feel that excitement again, look no further than a pair of British sisters who are chronicling their move to Toronto and experiencing everything it has to offer with pure joy.

Christy Collins, 24, and her sister Patsy, 22, arrived in the city last Thursday with a couple of suitcases each — no housing or jobs lined up. Just a ton of excitement and jubilation.

Since landing from Reading, England, the sisters have been archiving their adventures across Toronto through TikTok, gaining a massive amount of reactions and comments.

Watch the girls gawk at black squirrels, see Lake Ontario for the first time and enjoy some spicy prawn tacos at Kensington Market.

One of Christy's most popular video is her Dollarama visit and haul with more than 80k views and climbing.

"Dollarama, so exciting," she exclaims before mentioning she's been studying for this very moment having watched Dollarama videos on YouTube for the last two years.

"It's so cute here there's so many little patios," Christy says in another video while the girls walk over to Trinity Bellwoods, Timmies x Justin Bieber iced coffee in hand.

In just the last four days, Christy and Patsy have gone to Walmart for the first time, fallen in love with Canada Dry and hit up Juicy Dumpling.

But what exactly has the sisters head over heels for Toronto? It boils down to their sheer pleasure for everything the city offers, even the mundane Dundas streetcar.

"You know it's so nice to see someone so excited," read one video comment and "I love how excited you are about my city! It's refreshing," wrote another.

The sisters have an Airbnb booked for their first month and need to find and secure housing and jobs. They arrived in the city on a two-year work visa, which they hope to extend into permanent residency.

If you have any job reccomendations or are subletting your apartment, reach out to the city's newest (and cutest) aspiring tenants!

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Christy Ann Collins

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