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Toronto was just ranked one of the best cities in the world

Toronto has just beat out a bunch of European and South American destinations on a new list of best cities in the world - cue the applause.

Time Out's 53 Best Cities in the World 2022 list has just been released and our city has done unsurprisingly well.

Ranked number 27, the list cites Toronto's "bustling" food and drink scene's rebound from lockdowns and heated outdoor patios as a main cultural attraction. 

"In this year's Index, the city scored highly for progressiveness and community spirit, which can be felt in the activism, community events and the thriving underground nightlife scene that’s back in full force for the summer," read the list.

The list applauded the city's diverse food scene and mentioned Milou and Mandy's as must-visit restaurants.

Caribana also got a well deserved shout out as a can't miss summer festival.

Time Out releases their annual list by compiling feedback from 20,000 respondents, who are asked questions about their city.

For Toronto, 95 per cent of respondents described the city as "diverse" and 80 per cent said it was easy to express themselves here as well.

Rome, Paris, Lisbon, Athens, Mexico City and Sao Paulo were all ranked below Toronto, proving that our city is an international heavy-hitter.

There's a full breakdown of the list with detailed descriptions but, here are the top 30 cities: 

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland
  2. Chicago, United States
  3. Medellin, Colombia
  4. Glasgow, Scotland
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Prague, Czech Republic
  7. Marrakesh, Morocco
  8. Berlin, Germany
  9. Montreal, Canada
  10. Copenhagen, Denmark
  11. Cape Town, South Africa
  12. Madrid, Spain
  13. Manchester, England
  14. Mumbai, India
  15. Melbourne, Australia
  16. Taipei, Taiwan
  17. London, England
  18. Porto, Portugal
  19. Lyon, France
  20. New York, United States
  21. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  22. Birmingham, England
  23. Stockholm, Sweden
  24. Tokyo, Japan
  25. San Francisco, United States
  26. Delhi, India
  27. Toronto, Canada
  28. Lisbon, Portugal
  29. Boston, United States
  30. Mexico City, Mexico

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