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Nearly half of Toronto's young adults are living with their parents according to new data

New census data from Statistics Canada is in and the realities about living in Toronto aren't exactly shocking.

When it comes to adult children, it seems that almost half of young adults in the city are still kicking it at home.

Data shows that 47 per cent of young adults in the city are living in the same households as at least one parent. Young adults are described as anyone between the ages of 20 and 34 years-old. 

This is a similar pattern noticed by Stats Canada, which states this trend has remained relatively the same in recent census years.

Almost half of young adults in Oshawa (49 per cent), Windsor (45 per cent) and Hamilton (44 per cent) were also living with at least one parent.

The agency states these living areas have high housing prices, are close to numerous post-secondary schools and have high shares of immigrants or racialized groups, which are reasons why they have high adult-to-children ratios.

However, this trend has decreased slightly in the city from 2016 to 2021, where -1 percentage point was reported in Toronto. Adult children ratios also decreased slightly in Montreal and Vancouver.

Stats Canada attributes this variation to young adults opting to move to smaller communities following lockdowns.

Other Toronto-focused trends looked at couples living with children, where the GTA had high shares.

About six out of 10 Toronto couples (or 60 per cent) had children at home, while Oshawa has about 59 per cent of couples living with children.

These rates were even higher in Milton (71 per cent), Brampton (69 per cent), Ajax (68 per cent), Vaughan and Bradford West Gwilimbury (both at 66 per cent) and Oakville with 65 per cent.

Stats Canada believes this can be attributed to suburban areas being more attractive to young families.

Another interesting fact is that nearly 9 per cent of all couples in Toronto were reported as same-gender.

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