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Uber ranks Toronto as the least forgetful city in Canada and here's why

Toronto Uber passengers have been leaving some odd items behind in cars, but surprisingly, riders in the most rushed city in Canada have been ranked the least forgetful.

Uber released its sixth annual 2022 Lost & Found Index Thursday morning, shedding light on the country's most and least forgetful cities and some of the most bizarre items forgotten in vehicles.

Quebec City ranked as the country's most forgetful place, logging the most reports of lost items of any city in Canada, while Toronto ranked dead last.

Thanks, Uber. Even though you ranked us the worst passengers in the country just a few months ago.

Other places in Ontario weren't as lucky as Toronto in their ranking for most forgetful cities, with Niagara Region ranking third, Kitchener-Waterloo seventh, Hamilton eight, and Kingston in ninth place.

Statistically, the most likely time for a Canadian to forget something in an Uber is on a Saturday at 9 p.m., though it's hard to imagine some of the unique items lost this year being reported during a night out on the town.

The top three items reported lost during Uber rides in Canada this year are exactly the type of things you'd expect to see, with phones, wallets/purses, and keys topping the charts.

But it's the list of most unique items reported missing that set Toronto apart from other cities.

While people in Winnipeg are reporting lost Jets jerseys, one of the unique items lost in Toronto was gold teeth grills. Birth certificates also made the list, which seems like a strange choice of documentation to carry around in your daily travels.

Honourable mentions go to Kitchener-Waterloo, where someone reported three packs of Dawn dish soap lost, and Halifax, where someone lost a Subway sandwich (not too unusual) but then reported it missing, which has to be the maximum attainable level of Subway appreciation.

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