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TTC bus driver unapologetically admits to cutting off a cyclist in shocking video

A terrifying reminder of the daily dangers faced by Toronto’s cycling community was just caught on video, showing a TTC bus cutting off a cyclist and a tense exchange between the cyclist and bus driver.

Cyclist Jeremy Tsui shared a video captured along Steeles Avenue East approaching Middlefield Road in Scarborough, where TTC bus #3299 operating on route 53A cuts him off as he approaches the intersection.

When Tsui pulls up to the driver-side window to confront the operator, the TTC driver unapologetically admits to cutting off the cyclist.

Tsui pulls up to the driver, saying "You almost cut me off." The operator quickly corrects him, replying, "No, I did cut you off."

"Why didn't you wait for me?," asks Tsui.

"Why? Because I'm [inaudible] here, my street" barks the driver, adding "You're the one that's supposed to follow our rules."

Tsui argues that he is using the bike lane according to the rules of the road, but the driver continues on his tirade, saying, "I'm not following your rules, and I never will follow your rules, sir."

Tsui tells blogTO that he feels the driver was reckless and not apologetic.

"I did not have any prior interaction with the driver and was riding eastbound along Steeles Ave East on the bike lane. The light in front of me was about to change to red, so I tried to coast to the light."

"The bus came rushing behind me and almost clipped me, leaving me little time to react. He knew it was about to change to red and could have slowed down and turned behind me."

Tsui says he is a bit shaken and still processing the incident and the bus driver’s response.

He argues that "I always follow the rules, despite the negative connotation cyclists have. I stop at the stop signs, signal with my hands, use a reflective vest and have a bright helmet. I am visible to the driver, so he has a clear disregard for the safety of cyclists."

Tsui says that he has reported the incident to the TTC, Toronto Police and his local city councillor, stating, "I hope better training is enforced and reiterated."

blogTO has requested comment from the TTC, and while the transit agency says it is looking into the matter, it has yet to address the specifics of the incident or explain if the driver will face any repercussions for admittedly cutting the cyclist off.

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Jeremy Tsui

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