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People in Toronto are starting to think wearing a face mask is arrogant

Face mask mandates have been dropped pretty much everywhere in Toronto, and it's rare to see someone wearing one as you walk down the street these days.

Of course, wearing one is a totally personal choice, but people have taken to Reddit to discuss whether wearing one can now actually somehow be perceived as "arrogant."

"I still wear a mask but today one of my coworkers told me that people that wear masks are showing their arrogance now. He said that I think people are beneath me and that I am saying that I am too 'clean' to breathe the same type of air as them," Reddit user cuhcuh99995 wrote on June 23.

"Is this how people think of masks? He also said that wearing a mask brings PTSD to everyone and people are trying to move on from Covid. Lately I have noticed that I am in the extreme minority when I wear masks but I don't want to offend anyone by wearing one."

Within 24 hours, comments on the post were locked, but not before people weighed in on the subject.

"Well, I have cancer and am on immunotherapy so… I'd prefer to avoid getting any viral infection. Selfishly, I wish to live for another year," wrote one person whose comment received over 500 upvotes.

"How arrogant of you… trying to survive and all," someone else joked. "I wish you a speedy recovery!"

People actually expressed some nervousness over wearing mask, one person saying they were worried about being confronted for moving seats away from people coughing and sneezing, and another saying they were confronted at a gas station over their mask.

Other people pointed out that some jobs require masks for work, while others said this shouldn't even be a politicized topic as masks are just a simple precautionary measure to protect against illness.

One person put it bluntly: "Your coworker is a tool."

"Society has become the equivalent of a Home Depot (full of tools)," someone agreed.

Someone else summed up the situation in a bullet point list:

That's not what PTSD means

Most masks are to actually protect people around you from you

COVID is very much not over, we're still getting 1k cases/day in ON

Your coworker is being an ass, you can wear whatever PPE you want at work

Call it what you want, but basically, if you're enjoying your right not to wear a mask in public spaces for the first time in years, don't try to tell someone they shouldn't be wearing theirs.

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