130 jameson evictions

Residents say they were evicted from Toronto apartments for using their air conditioning

Toronto has dealt with some blistering heat in recent weeks, but some residents of a Parkdale apartment building claim that the simple act of basking in the cool relief of their air conditioning units has resulted in eviction notices from their landlord.

Newly-elected Parkdale—High Park MPP Bhutila Karpoche has been drawing attention to the alleged evictions at 130 Jameson Avenue, kicking up a stir with some alarming posts on social media.

"Tenants at 130 Jameson received eviction notices for using their ACs," tweeted Karpoche, stressing the effects of extreme heat on vulnerable residents. Countering these claims, building manager The Myriad Group argues that no residents have been evicted.

Karpoche stated on Twitter that many leases "strictly forbid the use of ACs," though some residents were reportedly unaware of such a rule.

"One tenant I spoke with said there was already an AC installed when she moved into her unit," tweeted Karpoche. "She's lived in her unit for 9 years, and it's never been an issue before. Another tenant has lived in her unit for 40 years, and now she's receiving an eviction notice for it."

The MPP says that the issue boils down to a loophole in the Residential Tenancies Act, claiming that "once a unit is vacated, there is no cap on how much a rent can increase. It's called vacancy decontrol, and it incentivizes landlords to unfairly evict/renovict tenants simply to jack up rents."

Tenants in the building are banding together, with the support of Karpoche and University-Rosedale MPP Jessica Bell, to fight for legislation for maximum temperatures in the Residential Tenancies Act, similar to its mandatory minimum temperature of 20 C during winter.

A representative of The Myriad Group tells blogTO that while the company is not ready to make an official statement regarding the allegations, "there's been nobody evicted," adding that "someone should look at the paperwork."

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