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These are the 5 worst roads in Toronto

The CAA has released its annual list of the worst streets in Ontario, including regional breakdowns that cover the most miserable roads in Toronto.

Aging, crumbling infrastructure and construction just about everywhere make for an unpleasant experience for drivers, cyclists, transit riders and pedestrians. These demographics often clash, but there's one thing they all seem to agree on.

Eglinton Avenue is an absolute misery for all.

Public voters weighed in on factors like potholes, congestion, poor road signs and other safety concerns to determine the worst roads in the province, a roundup the CAA has been publishing since 2003 to influence change like repaving and repair work on challenging streets.

Toronto is well-represented in the CAA's list of the province's ten most crappy roads, with four of the province’s ten most miserable roads found in the city.

  1. Barton Street East, Hamilton
  2. Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto
  3. Barker Street, Prince Edward County
  4. County Road 49, Prince Edward County
  5. Carling Avenue, Ottawa
  6. Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto (the 2019 winner for Ontario's worst road)
  7. Lake Shore Boulevard East, Toronto
  8. Finch Avenue West, Toronto
  9. Bronson Avenue, Ottawa
  10. Queen Street, Kingston

There's also a sub-ranking by region, and the top Toronto choices come as no surprise at all, Eglinton proving so awful that it won not just first place, but also second.

  1. Eglinton Avenue West
  2. Eglinton Avenue East
  3. Lake Shore Boulevard East
  4. Finch Avenue WestBathurst Street

Eglinton may finally be able to move off the list of worst Toronto roads in 2023 when the Crosstown LRT's construction is finally anticipated to conclude and allow repairs to begin on the scarred thoroughfare.

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