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Toronto university admitting 200 students forced to flee Ukraine

As the tragic situation in Ukraine continues, Toronto has been doing its best to support those who are forced to flee the country.

One way the city is supporting Ukraine residents is by admitting a couple hundred students to a Toronto university who were forced to flee the country.

With the support of a donation by the Temerty Foundation, the University of Toronto has announced that it's preparing to welcome more than 200 Ukrainian students whose studies have been derailed due to the ongoing war.

The University of Toronto and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (KMA) have teamed up for the 2022-2023 U of T Special Exchange Program - Ukraine,  bringing over not only students but up to five professors from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy as visiting professors.

The first group of 20 students has already arrived on campus, with the hopes of up to 100 more joining by September.

"By building on our existing relationship with the University of Toronto, we hope to help sustain the mission of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and ensure the continuity of its students' educational needs," says James and Louise Temerty in a joint statement.

The Department of Computer Science and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence have created a program to accept 29 upper-year undergraduates and graduate students from Ukrainian universities for a summer research program, with the U of T Mississauga campus running a similar program that will accept 20 undergraduate students.

The university will also be accepting displaced students from Ukraine through its Scholars at Risk program. 

Any post-secondary student with a Ukraine citizenship or is attending a Ukrainian university is eligible to apply for this special exchange program.

The program will waive all student program needs and incidental fees. The only fees students will have to pay are for the University Health Insurance Plan.

The special exchange program will run starting this May during the summer semester, with students being able to apply for both Fall and Winter terms as well. Students are able to study for up to 12 months at the University of Toronto.

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