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Video of deaf Toronto delivery driver receiving gift is the most heartwarming thing ever

In stark contrast to the ever-popular security camera footage of jerks stealing people's packages from their front door comes a very different viral, porch-set video of a far more heartwarming nature.

A clip of a Toronto delivery driver has been making its rounds on social media in recent days, shared on wholesome content aggregate pages with massive followings, such as goodnews_movement and magicallynews.

Originally from a local content creator known for staging uplifting situations that lend themselves well to shareable videos, the footage starts with a delivery person mounting the steps to the poster's front door, an Amazon box in hand.

"I left the delivery driver a thank you note and a surprise," filmer CJ writes overtop of the Instagram reel, also posted on TikTok, where it currently has 16.9 million views and counting on his profile alone. "The ending shocked and changed my life forever."

The driver is seen placing the box onto the front mat and taking the requisite photo of the delivery before he notices a setup to his left, where a card and gift sit.

Pausing to read the letter and open the present — a box of hundreds in cash — his body language seems taken aback (his face and identity are covered) and absolutely touched, searching for the doorbell cam to express his gratitude right back.

He motions to the camera in sign language, signing "I love you," "thank you," and "love," the caption reads.

He then opens up a text-to-speech app, which tells the most moving story: "Sorry, I'm deaf. You have no idea what you have just done for me, none. I just lost my mom a few days ago and this money is going to help pay for those bills. Thank you so very much, my angel. This is proof: mom is still watching over me."

It's a tear-jerker of a post in the best way possible, reminding us that the often brutal experience of being human is a shared one, and that there is indeed hope for humanity, as well as kindness and love out there — and that's exactly why it has resonated with tens of millions of viewers.

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