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Doug Ford takes heat for dodging questions about arresting peaceful protesters

Politicians aren't known for being the most forthright individuals, and evading tough questions may be part of the game, but people in Ontario are not pleased with Premier Doug Ford's efforts to avoid talking about one incident in particular that took place last week.

A group protesting the leader took to one of his campaign stops, the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, on Thursday evening and were asked by police to leave due to the fact that the demonstration was on private property and was interfering with access to a Cargojet hub.

Arrested at the scene for allegedly not complying with law enforcement's requests was Caryma Sa'd, a known lawyer and activist who said she was not actually involved in the protest, but was there as an interested member of the public.

"I wasn't part of a protest. I never blocked a roadway. I didn't refuse to move," Sa'd, who was eventually walked off the property in handcuffs and issued a fine for trespassing, tweeted on Saturday.

When pressed about the events during a press conference the following day, Ford completely dodged the question, as seen in a video clip that has garnered 2,000 likes, nearly 1,000 retweets, and hundreds of quote tweets and responses.

"Security teams issued trespass notices to some people who were trying to attend your public event and there was an arrest of a Toronto laywer... do you believe that people should be arrested or trespass ticketed for attending your event or potentially not agreeing with everything you said?" Global News reporter Sean O'Shea asked.

Ford skirted around the issue, saying it "was a great event" and commending Hamilton Police for their "support and how they handled things."

"Mr. Ford, that's not the answer to the question," O'Shea replied, reiterating his query: "Do you believe that those who dissent or disagree with Doug Ford should be arrested or ticketed?"

"Well again, we do these events all across Ontario, we had a great rally in Hamilton and I just appreciate everyone's support in the Hammer. I tell you, we're going to win some seats in there for the first time in a long time, and I just want to thank them," Ford responded, again not addressing the actual inquiry, which O'Shea noted in a tweet sharing the footage.

"By deflecting, Doug Ford has given the response I expected. He'll never be transparent," one person responded.

"Imagine Thanksgiving at the Ford's: 'Can you pass the mashed potatoes please?' 'I had a great time in Hamilton, great city, just want to say thank you to everyone who attended!'" another quipped.

Still others are saying that his inability to address the topic and be held accountable, among other reasons, shows why he's not fit to lead.

Even international activist group Anonymous called Ford out, retweeting the video of Sa'd being apprehended by police to its eight-million-strong follower base and writing "Seriously, really seriously here Canuckistanians — Vote strategically June 2nd."

Just days before the incident, Ford and his team were criticized for their handling of nurses protesting Ford's wage caps outside of a leaders' debate in Toronto — two of them were injured after being tackled to the ground by members of Ontario Provincial Police's Protective Services Section, video footage of which also went viral.

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