ttc aggressive passenger freakout

An unmasked man was recorded intimidating passengers on a Toronto bus

Commuting on a TTC bus is likely nobody's favourite part of the day, but the already unpleasant experience can be made a whole lot worse when passengers are subjected to threatening behaviour.

A video has emerged showing something TTC-goers are probably all too familiar with at this point, depicting an incident where riders on a recent trip on a Scarborough bus route were faced with an aggressive, unmasked passenger, angrily shouting in the faces of other passengers with his face holes all uncovered.

In the video shared with blogTO by an anonymous source, the passenger can be seen confronting other riders, pacing up and down the bus, shoving people, and making for a generally tense experience.

This lack of respect for his fellow passengers is underscored by his lack of face covering. blogTO has obscured the passengers' faces for privacy reasons.

While mask requirements have been lifted at the provincial and municipal level, TTC vehicles and fare-paid areas in stations are among the places where you still need to wear a face covering, though any recent transit rider will tell you that noncompliance is commonplace on the rails and bus lines that move Toronto.

All the while, other passengers avert their eyes, looking forward or at their phones seemingly unfazed by the all-too-common mid-commute disturbance.

At one point in the video, the man seems to spontaneously switch from checking his phone to charging toward the rear of the bus, confronting another passenger with shouts of "don't look at me." 

The person who shared the video, wishing to remain anonymous, tells blogTO that the man in the clip "is known around Scarborough to ride the TTC bus for hours and cause rifts onboard."

"He pushes people, swears at them, intimidates them, walks up and down the bus. Drivers tell me this guy is a frequent flyer and basically, they can't do anything about him unless someone openly complains onboard the bus and wants the police to show up to pursue charges for harassment and assault."

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green essentially echoed this sentiment, telling blogTO that "if customers or employees experience a matter that is of concern, they can report it. In the case of operators, it would be through transit control. In the case of customers, we have the SafeTTC app. In cases of emergency, we have the yellow strip for customers and of course 911."

Green adds that "Operators have different methods of immediately reporting emergencies," though it is unclear whether any of these measures were taken by fellow riders or the TTC operator driving the bus.

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