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Toronto is about to get hit with a messy shot of mid-April snow this weekend

Though many bars and restaurants in Toronto have already kicked off their patio season this far into spring, anyone hoping for some continued warm weather this Easter weekend are out of luck.

Yes, it may be mid-April and nearly a full month since winter technically ended, but snow is indeed in the forecast for parts of Southern Ontario in the coming days, including T.O.

The forecast for the city calls for a messy mix of both rain and snow on Saturday in particular under cloudy skies and amid 7 C temps — not exactly in line with the few hot and sunny days we've been teased with thus far.

There are also some dangerous winds in the cards, along with full-on flurries and "well below seasonal temperatures" for most of the region over the weekend, the Weather Network reports.

"After a brief taste of summer-like warmth across parts of Southern Ontario on Wednesday, special weather statements now line the region for windy days ahead," the agency says in its latest forecast.

Winds will reach nearly 50 km/hour today in Toronto, and have already hit as high as 80 km/h in other parts of the area as of this morning. Residents are advised to hold onto their hats, while damage to trees and property may occur.

Friday will also be a windy one, with scattered showers to boot. By nightfall, "some light mixing or snow flurries may be possible," TWN says, with wet snow expected to accumulate on the ground in parts of the GTA and cottage country as thermometers drop.

This is all in line with the long-term spring forecast that predicted huge climate swings and topsy-turvy weather pushing through May, after which we can look forward to some more consistent, balmy conditions.

While we will see double digits in Toronto on Friday, it will drop to the aforementioned 7 C on both Saturday and Sunday, which will feel as cold as 4 C. Nighttime will be chilly, too, at only 2 C Friday night, -2 C Saturday night and right on 0 C on Sunday night.

Temps also unfortunately won't be pushing above 9 C in the week ahead and there may even be a bit more snow on Monday, though we can hope that spring makes its comeback soon after.

At least we aren't in Manitoba right now.

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