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Oakville minivan driver who tried to haul load of bricks now has broken minivan

Hauling building supplies around the Greater Toronto Area is not cheap, but if you try to skimp out and use your personal vehicle for the job, you might find yourself paying more for repairs than the actual task you set out to accomplish in the first place.

This is precisely what happened to one Oakville driver, who thought it would be a perfectly reasonable idea to fill their minivan to the brim with bricks, only to wind up with a busted minivan full of bricks.

"How much brick could a passenger van haul if a passenger van could haul brick?," asks a tweet from the Halton Regional Police Service Oakville detachment. "The answer is less than what this van was hauling."

The photo of the minivan, which appears to be a Toyota Sienna, shows what some commenters suggest is a broken rear axle, the van's rear passenger-side tire angled inward due to the damage.

According to one response to the tweet, it would've taken a fairly significant load to cause this kind of damage.

A quick search reveals that truck rental services like U-Haul offer single-day rentals for cheaper than $20, a whole lot cheaper than repair or replacement of a rear axle which can cost upwards of $1,000.

It will probably have the driver thinking twice next time they want to use a minivan to do a truck's job.

According to one commenter, this type of repair could actually be relatively simple, though that's likely little consolation for the driver whose ride is currently as mobile as the bricks they were attempting to transport.

Lead photo by

Halton Regional Police Service

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