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Andrea Horwath finds refreshing way to spin Ontario Liberal attack in her favour

With just weeks to go before Ontario votes in a provincial election, political parties have started taking swings at one another on social media, making for an interesting exchange between the Ontario Liberal Party war room and Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath on Monday.

The NDP released its platform on Monday, led by an image of Horwath greeting supporters next to her campaign bus.

But someone over at the Ontario Liberal Party war room spotted one of these supporters appearing to take a swig of a beer (though several soft drinks are sold in brown glass bottles) and jumped all over it, circling the offending beverage and tweeting out in an apparent effort to discredit the NDP.

But this may have been a miscalculation on the Liberals' part, as commenters immediately fired back with allegations that the party doesn't support blue-collar workers, citing similar past attack ads.

One commenter sarcastically stated, "Wow, you're really gonna connect with the common people by complaining about some rando drinking a beer."

Others point out that only a few hours earlier, the Ontario Liberal Party was patting itself on the back for focusing on Doug Ford's PC Party while slamming the NDP for wasting time attacking the Liberals.

It didn't take long for Horwath to fight back with a tweet of her own, doubling down on her association with working-class voters by sharing a pic of her enjoying a beer after a long day.

Horwath must've selected her beer carefully, her tweet not only appealing to labourers and unions but also progressives. She is pictured with a can of Glad Day beer from Henderson Brewing Co., named for the Toronto queer-focused bookseller and oldest LGBTQ bookshop in the world.

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Andrea Horwath

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