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go corridor construction scarborough

Transit project to bring annoying overnight noise to Toronto neighbourhood

Metrolinx is asking Scarborough residents to be "patient" during an upcoming phase of a transit upgrade project that will bring loud construction noise to areas along the Lakeshore East rail corridor.

The corridor has been undergoing upgrades to prepare it for GO Transit's planned all-day, two-way, 15-minute service, a significant step forward for the regional transit service that will come with some headaches for locals.

In the coming weeks, Metrolinx will be working on changes to the stretch of the corridor between Wolcott Avenue and Kennedy Road in Scarborough, widening to accommodate a fourth track while also building new retaining walls and storm drainage upgrades.

go corridor construction scarborough

Map showing the affected area between Wolcott Avenue and Kennedy Road in Scarborough. Image by Metrolinx.

But there's a bit of a catch for locals; Metrolinx has to conduct the work at night when trains are not running to ensure the safety of crews.

This means noise for locals, according to the transit agency, which warns area residents of trucks, chainsaws, wood chippers and other construction equipment rattling their surroundings during the overnight hours. If that wasn't enough, Metrolinx also states that vibration, dust, and bright work lights will be present.

Metrolinx admits that the work will be "disruptive" and "challenging" for residents and businesses in the area, but measures are being taken to ease the burden on the neighbourhood.

These include plans not to idle non-essential equipment, minimize the loud reversal alerts of trucks, use of vehicles equipped with muffling devices, and routing trucks on main roads wherever possible.

Scarborough residents living around the work area can expect to see crews mobilize along the stretch in the coming weeks, starting with surveying work, followed by the clearing of trees and vegetation.

Further details about the construction timeline and the impact on nearby residents were shared with the public during a virtual open house hosted back in January.

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