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Special weather alert issued for Toronto ahead of 'potent' freezing rain storm

The sky continues to bully Toronto residents as spring gets underway, threatening us this week with ice pellets, freezing rain and potentially even some snow. 

What do you want from us, sky? Is this about aerosol hairspray? It's always on sale! It's always on saaaale...

Jokes aside, Southern Ontario really is due for another bout of nasty winter weather if meteorologists are correct; weather cold and severe enough to prompt an alert from Environment Canada a full day ahead of time.

The federal weather agency issued a special weather statement for the City of Toronto late Tuesday morning, warning that "a mix of freezing rain and ice pellets will be possible Wednesday morning before changing to rain Wednesday afternoon."

"At this time, there remains considerable uncertainty regarding the timing and amount of freezing rain," notes Envirocan... so stay vigilant, I guess?

The Weather Network reported similarly on Tuesday morning that "a low-pressure system is set to track into Ontario on Wednesday, as March goes out like a lion instead of a lamb."

Looking a lot like what happened last week, when freezing rain and high winds rudely pushed out a brief snap of springlike temperatures, the forthcoming storm is expected to hit much of Southern Ontario.

The good news is that temperatures are expected to soar on the back of this system, swinging up to an expected high of 18 C (with showers) on Thursday.

The bad news? Thursday's warm embrace will be fleeting. By Friday, we're looking at a high of just 4 C with potential flurries in the air.

"Widespread colder weather will spread back into the region as the storm departs, with near to below seasonal conditions dominating this weekend and next week," predicts the Weather Network.

"In fact, the cooler temperatures will likely continue for the first half of April as well, with no sustained warmth in sight."

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