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Toronto police catch mystery man who was bear spraying people in the face on the TTC

Toronto police have finally caught the man who was terrifyingly spraying a mystery substance in the face of unsuspecting TTC passengers waiting for their train.

Authorities issued a call for help with catching the perpetrator back in January after multiple people were assaulted in this way at various subway stations across the city.

The attacks were thought to be completely unmotivated, and happened a total of at least eight separate times between mid-October and March 5, to police's knowledge, though investigators believe there are likely more victims.

The force has also now revealed that the mystery material actually appeared to be bear spray, a stronger and more painful version of pepper spray meant to ward off the large forest animals.

The 24-year-old suspect, Delan Lewis of Toronto, was found with said spray, as well as a baton and an airsoft pistol on him when he was apprehended over the weekend.

He is now facing multiple counts of administering "a noxious thing" with the intent to aggrieve and annoy, assault with a weapon or imitation weapon, possessing a weapon dangerous to public peace and carrying a concealed weapon.

Anyone else who experienced such an incident or with additional information is being asked to contact police.

As random as the attacks were, we've definitely seen weirder and scarier on Toronto public transit and in the city in general.

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