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A Toronto hospital was just ranked 4th best in the entire world

A prominent Toronto teaching and research hospital is making headlines once again this week for being named by Newsweek as one of the best hospitals in the world — for the third straight year in a row.

Toronto General Hospital (TGH), located at University and Elizabeth right along the acclaimed "hospital row," took the fourth-highest spot on Newsweek's annual ranking for 2022, besting all but the famous Mayo Clinic, the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, and Harvard's own Massachusetts General Hospital.

That's pretty dang impressive, regardless of how much you know about medicine or international healthcare systems.

Part of University Health Network (UHN), TGH is a global pioneer in the fields of transplantation, cardiac medicine, thoracic surgery and — NDB — it also introduced the clinical use of insulin to the world.

Doctors at TGH performed the world's first successful lung transplant in 1983 and, countless breakthroughs later, made history again in 2021 by performing the world's first drone-assisted double lung transplant.

Home to the world-leading Sprott Department of Surgery, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and Ajmera Transplant Centre, TGH is the largest organ transplant centre in North America and has the largest lung transplant program on Earth.

"Over its more than a century-long history, TGH has made significant contributions to healthcare globally, including the first clinical use of insulin, the first successful single- and double-lung transplants, revolutionizing organ transplantation through the Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion System, and the first successful direct stimulation of a heart that had stopped beating, the precursor of all pacemakers," reads a release from the institution released Wednesday.

"The ranking, managed by a global market research company in partnership with Newsweek magazine, rated more than 1,000 healthcare institutions. The 2022 ranking was finalized by a panel of doctors, medical professionals and administrators from across four continents."

TGH is one of only eight Canadian institutions to make Newsweek's authoritative ranking for 2022; Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto) came in 25th, Mount Sinai (Toronto) came in at 27, and North York General Hospital (Toronto) came in at spot number 64.

While this is TGH's third year in a row achieving the fourth-place ranking, it's actually the University Health Network institution's fourth year in the top 10. It remains the only Canadian hospital to crack the top 10, ever.

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