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Toronto comes up with some hilarious and dark options for new city tourism slogan

There have been many saying and slogans over the years meant to encapsulate Toronto in just a few words. The city's official motto, Diversity Our Strength, is a pretty good effort to boil down what it means to be part of this cultural mosaic of a metropolis, but it doesn't necessarily sell the city to would-be-visitors.

The City of Toronto and Tourism Toronto, along with the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation and the Toronto City Summit Alliance tried to fill that marketing void back in 2005 with the short-lived "Toronto Unlimited" slogan. It would ultimately be retired in 2008, again leaving the city without a tourism/investment slogan.

Since then, the city has marketed itself abroad with a more focused approach, using separate strategies targeting facets of the marketplace like investment, conventions, and as a vacation destination.

Some have even taken it upon themselves to update city welcome signage with hilarious unapproved messages.

Without much of a brand identity, blogTO took to social media to find some new options for a slogan that describes the Toronto experience. What we ended up with was a mix of side-splitting humour and soul-crushing reality.

Despite thriving cultural and food scenes, Toronto has become known as a clean, sterile bastion of blandness. But hey, at least you can get nice and stoned to make the monotony feel a bit more interesting using any of our one billion dispensaries.

Whether a city is boring is completely subjective, but several suggestions hinted at that sentiment.

Civic pride also seems low in the housing affordability department, and it's not difficult to see why based on some of the tweets. Also, good luck finding anything decent in the low $500K zone.

His controversial run as mayor ended in 2014, but many around the world still associate Toronto with the tabloid fodder antics of the late Rob Ford. The part about our hockey team sucking, well, that depends whether we're counting the playoffs or not.

And if people don't remember us for bizarre headlines about a former mayor, they surely remember our famous IKEA monkey.

One person appears to be immersed in a total fantasy world parallel version of Toronto, though frankly, it sounds pretty chill.

Others presented a more realistic picture of life in the city.

Home to 2.8 million residents representing just about every culture in the world, the reality is that Toronto will never able to be defined with just one line of text. But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun trying along the way.

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