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Hilarious stories and videos of half-assed package deliveries in Toronto are so relatable

While the world was essentially shut down due to COVID-19, millions of people amped up their online shopping game as retailers pivoted to add better online options for delivery.

This trend has meant a bit of a nightmare for delivery people, with Amazon drivers in particular over-working themselves harder and for longer than ever, sometimes risking the safety of themselves and others to reach quotas and get the job done.

The quality of service has perhaps declined as a result, at least based on many people's accounts in Toronto, where it seems that poor attempts at delivering people's stuff has become the norm.

One video in particular encapsulates the experience of many residents who seem to be facing the same problem.

Posted to Twitter on Friday, the doorbell cam footage shows a delivery person from Purolator walking up to the door — dejectedly, it's worth noting — and simply chucking the box onto the front step without ringing the doorbell.

Inside were glass items, which the original poster said were unharmed, though she found the situation to be pretty hilarious.

"I'm so appreciative of a delivery person who actually rings the bell to at least alert me, but this guy just tossed it and left! It was just so unnecessary, which just adds to the humour, really," she tells blogTO.

"I couldn't help but laugh because it was so over-the-top. He also threw the box in front of the door that opens, so the second I go to retrieve the package, it would fall down the rest of the stairs. One thing I notice is common with deliveries is that they'll lazily leave it outside the door to the vestibule, as opposed to putting it safely in the doorway."

Though the complaint can definitely be classified as a first-world problem — there are actual humanitarian crises happening around the globe right now — it is something that a lot of people are taking to social media to bemoan as of late.

Whether it's packages left lazily in a condo building's common area instead of with residents, or at least at their actual front doors...

Parcels thrown quickly and carelessly, and/or left in bad locations where they are bound to get stolen, ruined by the elements or eventually blow away...

Delivery personnel not even attempting to see if someone is home, leaving the resident to go and pick up their mail from somewhere else, even if they had been present at the time to receive it... 

Or then companies just failing to deliver items at all.

The whole "leaving a delivery attempt slip without actually attempting the delivery" seems to be the most common, and something that feels unfortunately familiar.

For condos, that recipients are not always buzzed, and again are simply left with a slip for them to go pick up their package on their own — admittedly a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things, but technically someone else's job that they are getting paid to do (and aren't doing very well, clearly).

And if you've dropped a few hundred dollars on an order or need it ASAP, it is understandably frustrating when a worker doesn't do their best — or even try at all — to actually get it to you.

Though Purolator, FedEx and Canada Post did not respond to requests for comments and further information on the matter, they ostensibly have higher standards for the quality of their services than many Torontonians seem to be receiving these days.

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