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Ontario police bust van so full of Amazon packages that they couldn't see the driver

We all love a good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal ahead of the holiday season, but one person just outside Ottawa may have taken their online purchasing addiction a little too far this week, completely packing their vehicle with goods to the point that it was unsafe to drive.

Officers in the East Region division of Ontario Provincial Police pulled over a verly overly stuffed minivan early Tuesday morning after noticing that they were unable to even see the driver from outside the car.

Photos shared by the force on Twitter indeed show the van full to the brim with Amazon boxes, packages and a few other belongings that crowded all seats but the driver's, were strewn across the dashboard and were even crammed dangerously close to the gas and brake pedals underfoot.

The driver was found to be committing numerous offences under the provincial Highway Traffic Act, including no clear view to front, no clear view to right, drive while crowded "and more," officers tweeted, reminding residents to drive safe.

As many noted in responses to the post, the individual was likely not simply an Amazon fiend, but someone tasked with delivering an unruly amount of packages during a very hectic shopping season, and probably for minimal pay.

"Unfortunately this is probably a contracted delivery service such as Intelcomm, and the drivers get paid by the package and get sent out with a crazy amount of parcels," one person aptly speculated.

"If drivers were paid a decent wage rather than the $1.50 per drop regardless of distance, this wouldn't happen. No excuse for endangering others, but the delivery company should be charged too," another suggested.

It seems the driver will be the only one punished in this case — and for the sake of themselves and others on the road, it will hopefully prompt them to pick up a different, safer hustle.

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