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Here are some things that only someone from Toronto would understand

There are so many things that contribute to the identity of Toronto residents, and the way we talk and the region-specific things we say are undoubtedly a factor.

All it takes is a brief conversation with a 416er to know whether or not they're a longtime resident, as some telltale indicators usually present.

Whether it's a one-line text that requires familiarity with the subway system to make sense of, or stubborn optimism about our dependably disappointing hockey team, there is a long list of words and phrases you're likely only to hear in and around the city.

blogTO asked readers to "say something that only someone from Toronto would understand," and the results were, well, pretty bang-on.

There are some decisive tests one can administer if you really want to be sure about someone's claims of being a local, the easiest being the pronunciation of our trickiest street names.

So, so many people replied with just the word "BELIEVE," a nod to the famous one-liner of the loud proselytizing dude at Yonge and Dundas.

The TTC's archaic lack of phone service on the subway is a frequent source of grumbling for commuters, and most have memorized those brief patches of surface track where our phones actually have bars.

Other TTC woes include trying to commute through one of the city's famous cultural enclaves after any soccer victory.

And even when your ride is on time, there are no guarantees you won't encounter a guy doing push-ups in a Santa hat.

It's been 55 years since the Leafs actually won the cup, and 18 since they even won a playoff series. But that hasn't stopped fans from getting way too invested in the team every postseason, only to have their hopes dashed. Yet the next year, the hype returns and people build themselves up for another disappointment.

We love to shorten things in this town, and while it might be more of an Ontario thing than a Toronto thing, people seem to universally agree that the LCBO acronym is a few too many syllables.

Even local memes made the cut, like the famous Eglinton Crosstown construction self-improvement bit that made the rounds in 2020.

Always be unique, Toronto.

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