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Daylight Saving Time is about to happen again and this is why it isn't permanent yet

There's been a lot of talk in recent years of making Daylight Saving Time a permanent thing in Ontario so residents can do away with the twice-annual time changes, and many felt that 2021 might really be the last year of having to remember to turn the clocks forward in the spring and back again the fall.

But, though a bill called the Time Amendment Act was passed by Ontario legislature in 2020 and even received Royal Assent, things are still remaining the same for now, meaning that the province must ready itself to set clocks ahead by an hour this weekend.

Sunday, March 13 at 2:00 a.m. marks the start of Daylight Saving 2022, which will end again at the same time on Nov. 6.

Although the gears are in motion for Ontario to follow suit with the Yukon, most of Saskatchewan, Hawaii, Arizona and the parts of Quebec and B.C. that don't observe the practice of changing the clocks, the act becoming a reality still hinges on one little thing.

For the bill to be proclaimed into force, Attorney General Doug Downey needs to see that neighbouring jurisdictions of New York state and Quebec are fully on board in doing the same.

While there indeed has been a similar push for DST to become permanent in our neighbour to the south — a bill similar to the Time Amendment Act was reintroduced to senate in March 2021 and 19 states have enacted legislation pertaining to the subject — the matter is still very much up for debate, with stakeholders split on what to do.

Thankfully, save for any more major snafus by big telecom companies like the one we saw in November, our phones and other devices will take care of the time change for us, whether we continue on with the practice or nix it altogether.

But, be prepared to lose an hour of sleep this weekend, and see the sun set a little later in the day (finally) after a long, dark winter.

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