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Controversial Ontario politician was just banned from Twitter and it's not the first time

Walking controversy-generator and Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston MPP Randy Hillier has one less feed to scroll on his phone today; the outspoken People's Party of Canada politician's Twitter account has been suspended as of Wednesday.

Elected as a PC candidate in 2018 before switching to independent the following year, the MPP aligned himself with the far-right People's Party of Canada in 2021, an on-brand choice matching his open defiance of health mandates like a province-wide ban on private indoor gatherings.

Twitter claims Hillier violated the platform's rules, a notice on his account claiming that it is currently suspended, with all of the MPP's activity currently hidden from view.

Twitter has not made public the reason for the suspension, but the move follows weeks of the hashtag #ArrestRandyHillier trending, a public response to the politician's continued alleged misinformation peddling campaign.

Some of the stuff Hillier has shared is too vile to repost, but here's a taste of the type of things this democratically elected politician is actually saying to his thousands of followers.

But this isn't even the first time Hillier has been given the boot from Twitter.

In fact, it isn't even the first time this year. His account had only recently been reactivated from a previous suspension, but Randy gonna Randy.

His latest ban came unbelievably close to the one-year anniversary of another high-profile removal from the platform. He missed that goal by a week, but we're still going to credit him for trying. It couldn't have come soon enough for some commenters, though.

Hillier kind of has a habit of getting kicked out of clubs, even pre-dating his brushes with Twitter suspension. Going back to 2013, Hillier was removed as the Conservative labour critic, and later ousted from the party caucus in 2019 due to, according to Doug Ford, "disrespectful comments to parents of children with autism."

If that wasn't a clear enough picture of the pair's rocky relationship, Ford has also said of Hillier, "the guy's lost his mind. I ignore him."

As of Wednesday, Twitter users now have that same luxury.

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