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Someone needed their coffee so badly that they crashed through a Toronto cafe window

For many of us, the importance of our morning caffeine fix is no joke, and can mean the difference between being a remotely productive human and a completely dysfunctional one.

One driver in Toronto may very well have gone without their morning cup of joe on Monday, as indicated by the fact that they lost control of their vehicle and went careening into none other than a local coffee shop.

Toronto Fire received a call of someone trapped in a vehicle near Jane and Annette Streets around 8 a.m., and arrived on the scene to find a two-car snafu in which an Acura rammed through the front window of a Coffee Culture location at 399 Jane.

The store appeared to be open at the time based on images of the incident, though staff were not available for comment.

Two people were transported to hospital, though authorities tell blogTO that no one was actually trapped and that no one sustained any major injuries.

Experts checked the structural integrity of the building and concluded that there were no concerns, though the store will need some serious repairs to its front door and entryway.

The corner was closed off and the mess cleared within a few hours, though police remained on site until the early afternoon.

While many online have joked about how badly this particular motorist must have been craving a latte, the actual reason for the crash is still unconfirmed.

The accident is oddly reminiscent of another in recent memory when a cafe joked that they didn't offer drive-thru service after a Tesla slammed through their storefront.

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