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Canada Post stopped delivering mail in this Toronto neighbourhood again

A Toronto resident says he missed out on holiday cards, a wedding invite and important bills for months while Canada Post held his mail, and it's not the first time this has happened in his neighbourhood.

The Roncesvalles resident says he and his wife were getting some mail so they didn't notice that important items were missing.

"Some things were coming through but in retrospect, I think it was mostly just sort of junk mail," Chris tells blogTO.

Then, on March 11, he found a large package with mail dating back more than three months.

"The package included utility and tax bills (which we are now late on), a safety recall for our car, a wedding invitation (which we have missed the RSVP period) and all of our holiday cards from December," he says.

He says he pays most of his bills online so he didn't really notice that a few weren't coming.

"So I wasn't it really tipped off until we got this big package," he says.

The package came with a note that reads: "Please install a handrail."

Chris says he was doing some renovations to the front of his home and he is expecting to get the handrail soon. A few months ago, they told their mail carrier the handrail was on order but they didn't get an official notice about mail being stopped because of it.

Meanwhile, he and his wife have missed some important items. He is unsure what they will do about the wedding invitation, and feels bad about all the holiday cards.

"Typically I would have thanked people for sending the cards," he says.

Chris wonders why Canada Post didn't notify him of the mail stoppage.

"The thing that stood out to me is we didn't get any further notice except for this morning."

Canada Post did not immediately provide comment on this story.

But a similar situation happened in Roncesvalles in the fall when around 40 houses were flagged as unsafe and homes on Pearson, O'Hara, Maple Grove, Marion didn't get mail. No one told them what was happening then, either.

At that time Canada Post admitted they had made a mistake.

"Unfortunately we did not inform customers about the safety issues and temporary service suspension," Canada Post said in a statement. "We have processes in place, and they weren't followed. We apologize to our customers and have reviewed the process with the people involved."

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