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Bystanders film man going on shocking freakout at Toronto Walmart

Toronto loves a viral freakout video, whether it be an anti-masker going off on staff in a store, a person being disgustingly racist while claiming they're not a racist, or a Karen-type freaking out at airport personnel over a flight delay — all of which are real incidents that have been filmed taking place in the city lately.

Sometimes the footage is funny, sometimes it helps expose people for their inappropriate behaviour, and sometimes it's just plain hard to watch, but is so shocking that it begs a view nonetheless in a can't-look-away-from-a-car-crash kind of way.

If there's anyone making any sort of scene in public these days, it's bound to be caught on camera and uploaded online by one bystander or another.

The latest of this type of content from the city is footage of a man in a local Walmart, who seemed to be in extreme distress and very upset with the company, what pandemic lockdowns have done to his friends' businesseses, and more.

The event, which apparently took place at the Keele and Finch store on Sunday night, was all caught on film, and then shared widely in multi-part posts by outlets such as 6ixbuzz.

The video starts with the man standing on a conveyer belt at a cash register and yelling at shoppers and employees alike, swearing and damaging anything in his vicinity all the while.

As fellow customers attempt to talk the man down, he says "I ain't coming down, no. I'm f***ing upset bro, get the cops here bro." He also at one point claims to have "something in my bag that the cops are going to want to see," a threat to ostensibly make bystanders feel uneasy and call the authorities, who he repeatedly demands to see.

During his tirade, he also starts a chant of "F*** Walmart," something a lot of people can probably relate to, especially after the pandemic.

"You've put so many of my friends out of business... this Walmart is stealing poor people's money," he screams.

After a lengthy ordeal of many minutes — during which most of the store appears to be looking on in confusion and disbelief, though some people just continue to go about their business— authorities finally arrive and attempt to calmly converse with and apprehend the extremely disgruntled man.

Officers repeatedly ask him what his name is, what's going on and why he's so upset, eventually making a slow approach and handcuffing him as he claims assault.

As many point out in the comments on the post, the man obviously needs help, and will hopefully get access to that now that he's in custody.

"Mental health breakdowns are no joke. Praying for him," one person comments.

"This is just a cry for help, man looks like he’s going through a manic episode. Kinda sad to watch to be honest. Hope this brother gets the help he needs," another adds.

Others commend the police for staying calm, cool and collected, and escorting the man out of the store without issue.

"This is not an assault, but probably the sweetest arrest we’ve seen in a while. Good job to these officers, they handled it well," yet another person adds.

And one more sums it up well, saying that "you've got to give the Canadian deescalation props. If this was in the U.S., it would be a whole other story."

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