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Toronto Police promise to keep public safe at Freedom convoy rally but people don't believe it

In the wake of rumours of a possible Freedom Convoy heading to Toronto, police issued a statement saying they plan to keep the public safe but not everyone is convinced.

Word of a possible trucker convoy heading to Toronto on Saturday, Feb. 5 came today. There is no confirmation of who or how many people are actually planning to take part but social media posts indicate the truckers will "cruise to Queen's Park by 12 p.m."

Late Wednesday, Toronto Police Service issued a statement about the possible protest.

"We are aware of a demonstration planned for Saturday, February 5, 2022, in the downtown core," a Tweet from the police reads. "The Service will have a policing operation in place to ensure public safety and keep emergency access routes to hospitals clear."

But after reports of people demanding food from homeless shelters, harassing shelter staff and residents in Ottawa as police posed for photos with protesters, people in Toronto aren’t convinced order will prevail on Saturday.

"Don't be like @OttawaPolice, actually arrest these people," one person wrote.

"Will we see an Ottawa repeat?" another person wrote.

Others compared the police response to encampments and wondered how the response would differ.

Some people hoped Toronto would block streets.

At this point, it is unclear what will happen on Saturday but with a multi-day winter storm in Toronto and now possibly loud, horn honking protesters, it might be a tough week in the city.

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