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Man with pot and ladle might have found way to make trucker convoy leave Ottawa

An Ottawa man is giving the so-called "Freedom convoy" protestors a taste of what it feels like to be bombarded with an annoying noise, over and over again.

The protest, which has dragged on for nearly three weeks now, has everyone on edge. People have lost their cool with noisy, horn honking protestors, shouting at them to go home.

Even as police finally seem to be doing something about the movement embedded in downtown Ottawa, one man found a way to make the convoy leave — at least in his general vicinity.

The man was spotted banging a pot on an Ottawa street corner in a video tweeted out by CBC reporter Jorge Barrera.

In the video, the man hits the pot loudly with a ladle as he is surrounded by people who appear to be with the protest. One woman gets very close and holds out her hand.

"Stop," she says. "That's immature."

To which he replies, "I know."

He tells her to get her hands out of the way or they might get hit by the spoon. At that point, a large man moves in closer.

"If you hit her that will be the last thing you do," he threatens.

But he continues bravely banging. Then the group walks away from the man, telling him he is not worth it.

"He doesn't like freedom," the large man adds.

But the pot-banging man does like freedom, at the least the kind that allows you to walk where you want and make noise. He follows the group as they walk away, continuing to bang loudly. The video ends with the large man indicating that the pot banger may want to hit him (so much for a peaceful protest).

"Oh, I am not going to hit you," he says.

Much like the man shouting from his balcony, pot banging man is earning a lot of praise online.

"Can we give this man the Order of Canada?! The irony of them being unhappy with his noise, the fact she thinks she can get in his face with no repercussions, STAGGERING," one person wrote.

Others suggested getting other instruments such as bagpipes, a tuba or a backup band.

"People needed to do this beside the truckers at night when they are trying to sleep. Every hour. Each night," one person said.

Some people even suggested an organized group of noise makers.

"Air horns and sirens going off at random intervals would be good," one person said.

The overall opinion seems to be that "pot-man" deserves a place in history.

"The people are beyond fed up. Can't say I blame the guy one bit," one person noted.

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