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Jagmeet Singh wrote a romantic poem for his wife for their anniversary

A sweet, possibly cheesy poem by Jagmeet Singh to mark his fourth anniversary with Gurkiran Kaur got some love but not everyone likes the NDP leader right now.

Singh and Kaur, who recently celebrated the birth of their first child, married on Feb. 22, 2018.

To mark the special date, Singh posted a poem for Kaur on Instagram.

"I legit wrote this off the top of my head, don't be mean, I know it's cheesy but what do you think?" Singh asks.

The poem is short and sweet with five lines: "Today marks year four, I love you to the core, Look forward to many more, Thank you for our baby Kaur, Can't wait for what the future has in store."

And it seems as if Kaur liked the poem.

"I'm here for it," she said.

She also posted that she "had a yummy little date with my two cuties."

But there were several haters out there reacting to the NDP's support of the Emergency Act.

"You should quit politics and write poetry full time," one person wrote.

"Sold us out dude," another said.

Many used colourful language to denounce Singh's support of the Emergency Act.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association saw the act as an overstepping of authority and the legislation should only be used for true national emergencies. While others believed after three weeks of gridlock in Ottawa with little action from police, the act was necessary.

Politics aside the poem evoked some happy congratulations and many loved the sweet gesture.

"With all the sad craziness and hurt in the world. This is an awesome way to end my day! How blessed you are," one person wrote.

"You love your wife and child. Nothing cheesy about that," another said.

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