GoHomeFluTruxKlan trending on Twitter as trucker's convoy heads to Toronto

After a week of loud honking and causing chaos for the people of Ottawa, the so-called "Freedom Convoy" has plans to rally in Toronto Saturday but a #GoHomeFluTruxKlan hashtag suggests locals want them gone before they've even arrived.

A few days ago the "Freedom Convoy" protesters continued their occupation of Ottawa β€” urinating on lawns and war monuments, harassing people at homeless shelters and demonstrating on Parliament Hill β€” led to a call for the truckers to go home. But a core group is still there testing the patience of many residents.

While organizers insist the protest is peaceful, more and more officials are saying it is not.

Now, as the convoy comes to Toronto, the city and police are getting ready and Toronto City Councillors Joe Cressy, Mike Layton, and Kristyn Wong-Tam all issued a warning to those who might try and cross the line.

"It is our strong and shared view that hate speech and hate symbols are unacceptable. People have a fundamental right to protest," they said.

"But as soon as this protest crosses a line where there is hate speech or symbols, harassment, or interferes with hospital and health care operations or access to healthcare it cannot be tolerated."

Many Toronto residents don't want the convoy here as the #GoHomeFluTruxKlan hashtag was trending on Friday afternoon.

Most stated their strong opposition to the movement.

Others plan to support a counter-protest of health workers and supporters gathering at King's College Circle at the Medical Sciences Building at noon Saturday.

And some even kindly offered to escort people to and from work.

There is also a movement to sue the protesters who refuse to leave or cause chaos.

The convoy, or at least a lot of tractors and trucks, started arriving on Friday.

Whatever people decide to do on Saturday, let's hope everyone stays safe.

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