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Someone got busted with a hilariously janky fake Ontario licence plate near Toronto

For every bonafide criminal mastermind in the world, there are countless others who think they fit the bill, often resulting in blunderously botched crimes that make for some hilarious headlines.

The latest inductee to Ontario's unofficial criminal hall of shame found their way into the annals of police lore with a daring attempt to thwart officers using a hand-drawn licence plate.

But there was one problem with his dastardly scheme. The forgery was absolute garbage.

The driver was stopped by York Regional Police at a RIDE program check near a popular nightclub in Vaughan, officers noticing the obviously faked front plate, drawn to match a stolen rear plate in an attempt at creativity that looks more like a grade-school art project than a serious bid to confound law enforcement.

It turns out that the male driver of the vehicle was breaking a curfew, in violation of a bail condition. Luckily, the driver was not impaired at the time, despite his scribbled handiwork suggesting otherwise.

And while the ailing artist is likely in hot water as a result of this bold behaviour, it hasn't stopped York Regional Police's Twitter account from absolutely skewering the not-so-crafty criminal.

Apparently, you need a keen, well-trained set of eyes to spot such "convincing" copies.

If this was, in fact, drawn by a child, then maybe we're all being a bit too harsh. In the unlikely event that's the case here, then kudos, kid. You did a great job, and this should go on the fridge.

Someone even noted how the dunce Da Vinci took the care to trace out the design in pencil before committing to marker.

It's pretty hard to imagine this ever working, and yet, this driver still looked at the plate, probably said to themselves "hmmm, this works," then proceeded to hit the streets with their masterpiece.

It may not be the type of drawing that makes the alleged offender's family go racing to find the nearest fridge magnet, but one commenter suggests that the driver's probation officer might at least get a kick out of it.

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