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The TTC is a total mess again this morning with delays everywhere

The Tuesday morning commute might not be as treacherous as it was during blizzard conditions experienced the day before in Toronto, but if you thought today's commute would be comparatively easy, think again.

After a storm of epic proportions, the TTC is struggling to pick up the pieces, and it's making for another unpleasant commute as riders encounter a lack of available buses and ongoing issues across the subway network.

It's been a full day since the storm reached its peak, but out of service TTC buses still litter the sides of arterial roads across the city.

Stalled buses and vast snowbanks have created conditions some riders feel are unsafe, forcing bus drivers to pick up passengers in the street.

Even in places where roads have been cleared, some passengers are finding themselves left out in the cold, their scheduled rides never appearing.

One bus was spotted taking a major diversion from its regular route, explanation unclear.

It's not just passengers, though, TTC drivers are also suffering through a tough work week, and some think they deserve more recognition for their efforts.

And that's just surface routes.

Subway lines may seem immune from snow-related closures, but this is not the case, and subway routes have been facing rolling closures since Monday morning.

Subway outages are part of life in Toronto, but with so many stranded buses, replacement shuttle service is a tall order for the TTC.

Subway lines still operating are facing large crowds, raising passengers' concerns about public health.

With city officials claiming it could take an entire week to dig out of the massive dump of snow, there could be even more TTC headaches in store before the cleanup is complete.

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